Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I get extra viewing time?

Double tap to like while viewing! Liking a picture will increase the time by 2 seconds and make sure you don't accidently skip a picture by taping near the timer bar.

I’m not a fan of some people, can I block them?

Sure! Just go on their profile and select mute on the top left corner.

I want to make my content be visible forever!

The spotlight feature will let you do that and all you need to do is go In your profile page, tap and hold on the desire content and tap on the star icon. Just keep in mind you’re allowed to have 3 spotlight content at a time.

What does the boost feature do?

Boosting a post means it will put a special effect on the desire post for a duration to attract more views

How can I earn more boost credit?

Earning 30 likes on your post will give you a credit